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Dead Salmon
Dead Salmon
Dead Salmon
Dead Salmon
Dead Salmon

Dead Salmon

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A true salmon color with that pretty pink/peach hue and gorgeous silver sparkles too. You can not go wrong with this soft color. Its just as beautiful as the rest! 

A little bit goes a long way! This is an iridescent so its best to have a base color underneath the same color as your glitter. This is a high resolution and you can tell the difference. Its soft, its so sparkly and has beautiful coverage.

Our glitter is sold in 2oz increments unless stated otherwise.

All our professional pictures are un filtered unless we use the filter to better capture the true color of the glitter. We all know how hard it is to capture the true beauty of a gorgeous sparkle and color. We do our best to give you the best of the best! 

  • High quality film
  • Pure Pigments used not cut with translucent films for quantity 
  • Cosmetic Grade - body/skin safe 
  • Liquid and heat resistant 
  • Water and Heat Resistant
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Acid and Alkaline Resistant  
All our glitters are measured in weight not volume increments. You can choose to order in bags or shakers