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Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

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Each card is $5, you can buy as many as you want. Once I receive an alert that you have purchased card/cards, I will send you pictures of your cards, you can print the picture/s off or use your phone and mark the cards as I draw the numbers.

If you get bingo you type it in to let me know, then you send me a picture of your card with the bingo and I'll check it. If you did in fact get bingo you win, whichever prize we are up to at that time.

I’ll announce what the prizes are before we start each game. You will have 3 chances to win each game. The prizes will be determined based on how many cards are purchased for each game.

Please remember to be patient as some buy a lot of cards and some only buy 1 so if you buy just one card be patient as we give time for others to check all cards. Thank you for playing!

Let’s have some fun!